Environmental Policy

ASSA ABLOY lead the way forward with innovative new designs in locking system and employ a pro-active continuous improvement approach throughout the whole company. ASSA ABLOY recognises its obligation to comply with the law and carry out its business in as environmentally sound manner as possible, in order to meet its responsibility to customers, shareholders, employees, neighbours and the natural environment. We are committed to promoting and maintaining an environment policy to ensure that the impact of our operations on the environment is reduced to as low a level as is practically and economically feasible.

Our environmental policy is that we will:

• Regularly review all stages of our operations in order to minimise our impact on the environment;

• We shall, at all times, comply with mandatory legal requirement for all activities and processes carried out on all the companies sites and use whatever influence we can to promote the same to all suppliers and sub- contractors performing activities on our behalf, whether on site or off site.

• Endeavour to reduce the amount of waste produced and dispose of such waste in a safe and responsible way, re-using or recycling where applicable;

• Monitor and measure all environmentally significant emissions and discharges to water, air and land to minimise the environmental impact;

• Establish procedures to prevent pollution and conserve energy wherever possible and undertake programmes to continuously improve our environmental performance.

• Minimise the environmental impact of any process by employing the best available techniques not entailing excessive cost;

• Promote environmental principles by sharing and exchanging information of environmental importance with regulatory bodies, professional associations, customers. Suppliers, contractors and employees;

• Establish environmental training needs within the company and maintain training programmes; and

• Develop and maintain an environmental management system based on the requirements of  ISO 14001, setting objectives and targets, as well as reviewing this policy, on a regular basis.

• We support pollution prevention and sustainable development by incorporating social responsibility, economic success, and environmental excellence into our decision-making process.

David Perry 
Operations Director
29th May 2008